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Whether your pet is experiencing some form of discomfort or has recently suffered an injury that is causing pain, we are here to help him feel better.

what you should know

Is your pet in pain or discomfort?

Presence of pain or discomfort

It can often be surprisingly difficult to judge whether your pet is in any pain or not.

This is because dogs and cats do not always show the usual signs of pain or often just try to cover them up until the situation worsens.

What can you do

If you suspect that your pet may be in pain or experiencing some other form of discomfort, we recommend that you bring him or her for a checkup.

This examination will not only take into account your dog’s or cat’s previous medical history, but it will also go through a complete physical examination.

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How do you know if your pet is in pain?

Some symptoms of pain that you may experience are:

Lameness, lifting or dragging of one of the limbs

Stiffness / unwillingness to move or walk normally

You no longer do activities such as running, jumping and playing

Crying or whining

Decreased appetite

Excessive demand for attention

Occurrence of injuries in specific places

Lifting reaction

Refusal to climb stairs, sofa, etc.

Hiding and solitude

Do you need urgent veterinary care?

If you think your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms and signs, please call us immediately.

pain and injuries

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new patients?
Yes! We look forward to meeting you and your fluffy family member soon.
What to do if your pet has a wound?

In case of severe bleeding or pain, you will need to seek veterinary help immediately!

For more routine wounds – such as minor cuts and abrasions, broken toenails – you’ll still want to seek help as soon as possible.

This helps ensure that your pet does not aggravate the wound – or get an infection – by licking or scratching it.

If it is not possible to bring your pet right away, ask us what you can do in the meantime to keep the wound clean and protected until final treatment.

Call us at 088 959 2299

How to treat a wound before visiting a veterinarian?

It depends on how big and deep the wound is, as well as whether it is dirty or not.

In some cases, sutures and dressings may be needed, and in others only surface treatment may be needed.

It is advisable to examine your pet and its wound to know for sure.

What are your working hours and where can we find you?

Our working hours are:

Monday through Friday: 09:00 am – 18:30 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am – 14:00 pm
Sunday: Appointment only

Our veterinary clinic and pet store are located at:

ул. „Мальовица“ №4, ж.к. Акация, в гр. Велико Търново.

You can call us at 0889 59 2299 or send us an inquiry for online telehealth consultation.

How can I contact you in case of an emergency?

For emergencies, please contact us at 0889 59 2299

We can examine your pet here, on-site, when we are in the clinic.

For current business hours, please see the above box.

What types of pets and animals do you see?

We take care of many different types of pets! This includes dogs and cats, as well as birds, reptiles, ferrets, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more!

Our chief veterinarian – Dr. Zdravko Dimitrov, also specializes in examining and providing veterinary care to productive animals – pigs, goats, cows, herbs, and others.

If you do not see your pet on this list, call us on 0889 59 2299.

We will let you know if we can examine it here, otherwise, we will recommend another trusted veterinarian.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, we accept walk-ins.

Please note that we examine our patients in the following priority order: Emergencies, Scheduled examinations/consultations/operations, walk-ins.

If you do not have an appointment yet, you will have to wait until the first available free time opens. In the best case, it is good to contact us in advance to let you know when it will be most convenient to come to the place.



Dr. Zdravko Dimitrov

Dr. Zdravko Dimitrov is the chief veterinarian at MedinaVet. He graduated from the Veterinary College in Lovech in 1989, as well as the Trakia University 10 years later.

He is known for his experience in dermatology, parasitology, and obstetrics.


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