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The health of your pet’s teeth affects their overall well-being. Prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other serious health problems by regularly taking your dog or cat for a dental checkup.

what you should Know

What are the benefits of dental care for your pet?

We know from human medicine that oral hygiene is extremely important for overall well-being.

This is a key way to keep your cat or dog healthy. If a cat or dog can brush their teeth, this would prevent the need for frequent cleaning, but unfortunately they cannot.

In addition, although it is recommended that pet owners provide dental care at home, as we ourselves know how difficult it is to do so on a regular basis.

Signs of need for dental care

Several signs that indicate the need for a dental examination

Bad breath

Broken or loose teeth

Detention of deciduous teeth

Presence of tartar

Difficulty chewing or drooling

Decreased appetite

Pain in or around the mouth

Bleeding from the mouth

Swelling around the mouth

Changes in eating habits

Discolored teeth

Additional teeth

pet dental care

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new patients?
Yes! We look forward to meeting you and your fluffy family member soon.
Are dental diseases painful?
In addition to affecting their overall health, dental disease can also cause discomfort in your pet’s mouth.

This is because tartar is the ideal place for bacteria to grow, leading to periodontal disease – a condition that affects the structures that hold the tooth in place and even leads to bone loss in the jaw.

This creates pain, bleeding, infection, inflammation and tooth loss. And in very severe cases, even fractures of the jaw.

Do I have to make an appointment for a dental examination?
It is recommended that each pet be examined in advance before surgery.

This consists of a complete physical examination and a review of the medical history. We do this to ensure that your pet is ready to undergo the anesthesia needed for the procedure.

Our dental procedures are performed in our outpatient clinic in Veliko Tarnovo.

How Much Do Pet Dental Services Cost?

Dental care prices will vary for each pet depending on the situation.

In order to be of maximum use to you, it is recommended that we examine your dog or cat first.

Contact us at 088 959 2299

Will my pet be anesthetized?

Yes, your pet will be under general anesthesia.

This protects his airways while our team uses sharp tools and a constant flow of water into your pet’s mouth.

Are Dental Diseases Common In Pets?

Yes, dental disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats.

There are statistics that over 68% of all pets over the age of three have some form of periodontitis or dental disease.

Most pets will show few signs of dental disease.

What are your working hours and where can we find you?

Our working hours are:

Monday through Friday: 09:00 am – 18:30 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am – 14:00 pm
Sunday: Appointment only

Our veterinary clinic and pet store are located at:

ул. „Мальовица“ №4, ж.к. Акация, в гр. Велико Търново.

You can call us at 0889 59 2299 or send us an inquiry for online telehealth consultation.

How can I contact you in case of an emergency?

For emergencies, please contact us at 0889 59 2299

We can examine your pet here, on-site, when we are in the clinic.

For current business hours, please see the above box.



Dr. Zdravko Dimitrov

Dr. Zdravko Dimitrov is the chief veterinarian at MedinaVet. He graduated from the Veterinary College in Lovech in 1989, as well as the Trakia University 10 years later.

He is known for his experience in dermatology, parasitology, and obstetrics.


Schedule your appointment for a dental examination