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Your All-In-One Pet Store in Veliko Tarnovo

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pet products

A wide variety of pet products

Food for dogs and cats

We offer a wide range of first-class dog and cat food, as well as delicious treats to reward your four-legged friend.

In our pet store, you can find food brands such as Royal Canin, Brit, Virbac, Taste of The Wild, Hills, and others.

Preventive care

From traditional flea collars and sprays to more modern pills and topical treatments, our pet store will find the latest and most effective flea and tick control products for large and small dogs, including puppies over 12 weeks old.

You have a godsend of brands such as Bayer, Frontline, Fypryst, Advocate, and others.

Cosmetics and accessories

Maintain the comfort of your pet with comfortable plush beds, bedding or other accessories for dogs and cats.

We also offer cosmetics to keep your four-legged friend’s fur always clean and refreshed.

OPEN FROM 08:30 to 19:00, Monday to Friday

Welcome to our pet store in Veliko Tarnovo

MedinaVet’s pet store is always richly stocked with high-quality products such as dry foods, deworming products, treats, and more.

On the territory of the store you can also take advantage of the veterinary services of dr Zdravko Dimitrov , who can examine your pet on the spot.