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MedinaVet Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary services you can trust

We offer pet wellness exams, vaccinations, microchipping, spaying & neutering, abdominal surgery, dentistry and dermatology, nutritional consultations, pet euthanasia, emergency care, and issuance of documents.

We serve both the city of Veliko Tarnovo and the entire Veliko Tarnovo region.


Pet Wellness Exams

Our pet wellness exams include a complete physical examination and recommendations for the good health of your pet.

See Wellness Exams

Emergency Pet Care

Like human emergency care, we are able to provide treatment that falls between routine checkups and emergency care.

See Pet Emergency Care

Pain and Injuries

If your pet is in pain or has been injured, we can help soothe the discomfort and help your fluffy friend get over the trauma.

See Pain and Injuries

Pet Surgery

From surgeries such as spays & neuters to more complex veterinary procedures, we always take care of your pet’s safety.

See Pet Surgery

Pet Travel Documents

We will help you with the issuance and passing of all the necessary tests and documents of your fluffy family member for safe travels.

See Wellness Exams

Pet Euthanasia

We perform pet euthanasia in a comfortable and calm environment, and we will inform you about every step of the process.

See Pet Euthanasia

Pet Store

Our pet store has everything you need from dry food for dogs and cats to deworming products, cosmetics, and accessories.

See Pet Store


Need advice on your pet’s condition, but can’t afford to come to the place? See how we can help you online.

See Telehealth

Preventive Care


We will help you with all vaccinations of your dog or cat and we will advise you on additional ways to prevent diseases or parasites.

See Vaccinations


We are here with products for the treatment and permanent prevention of parasites for the good health of your pet.

See Deworming

Spays & Neuters

We can easily perform this routine operation, using the best safety measures, in a warm and calm atmosphere.

See Spays & Neuters

Dental Care

Prevent tooth decay, gum disease and other serious health problems by taking regular care of your pet’s dental health.

See Pet Dental Care


Microchipping is a completely painless procedure that increases the chances of your pet being found if it gets lost.

See Microchipping

Nutrition and Behavior

We provide nutritional advice on proper diet, exercise, and how to overcome some common behaviors in pets.

See Nutrition and Behavior


We offer diagnostics of common dermatological problems and prepare a plan for dealing with them, according to the specific needs of your pet.

See Dermatology


Veterinary Clinic
and Pet Store “MedinaVet”

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To Google Maps for 4 Malyovitsa Street,
Veliko Tarnovo 5000

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Mon – Fri: 09:00 am – 18:30 pm
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